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Fun Parties at Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Mercurio!

What better time to escape the cold Midwest  and head to Puerto Vallarta for sun and fun!
OUR FAVORITE HOTEL – Hotel Mercurio  has a great location, with a gorgeous pool and a friendly staff!  
Hotel Mercurio now has  a pool party each Wednesday, 4-6 PM, “Wet Wednesday” (or, in Spanish, Miercoles Mojados)… with water balloons, squirt guns, pool games and prizes (bar tabs at local gay bars, clothing from local men’s boutiques, massage and spa services, etc.). 
It’s basically a bunch of adult gay men acting like crazy kids and having lots of fun! It’s great because we get a fun mix of locals and visitors of all ages, and nobody gets to be a wallflower… it’s wild, wet, and crazy, and our hosts Joey and Isaac make sure everybody gets in the spirit!”  says  owner  Paul. 

On Sundays, they have just launched “Beers, Boys & Burgers” from 4-7 PM, with all the beers you can drink and all the burgers you want, for only $150 pesos (about $12 USD at current exchange rates). 
Our sexy Burger Boys are on the grill – with not much more than an apron and a smile on. And Jorge is serving up the beers and his famous margaritas. It’s a great place to stop in after a day of sun and sand at the gay beach, which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel.”

Locals and tourists all love Hotel Mercurio! Stop by and say HI!