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New Years Eve Restaurant on the Beach

Puerto Vallarta is an exciting place to be for New Year’s Eve with endless opportunities to fit anyone’s lifestyle and level of adventure.

Of course New Year’s Eve dinner is a huge event and just as important to the evening as to where you will be at the stroke of midnight when you give that New Year’s Eve kiss to someone special, or not.

Some people choose a small gathering of friends and family and a home cooked meal with a special bottle of wine as their last dinner of the year, while others plan elaborate dinners at local restaurants in the tourist zone at an average cost of $130 USD per person. Then there is the almighty traditional taco or tamal for only $1 dollar while kicking it into high-gear Mexican style with a street party on the Malecón.


Enjoy a WONDERFUL dinner  right on the beach! (See above).  For  about  $65  US  dollars  +  Gratuity,  enjoy 4 gourmet courses while listening  to waves  and music,  plus  dancing  and  fun!  GET A  RESERVATION WHILE YOU CAN! Great food  at a  great  price  with  a  fantastic location!

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