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Gay Puerto Vallarta – Always Improving


My first time in Puerto Vallarta  was 1998…I think  there were a couple gay bars but many LGBT people were slowly discovering  PV.

NOW, my gosh!  It just keeps growing and growing and getting gayer than ever!

The Romantic Zone, which is where all the action is, now has 5 gay hotels, 17 gay bars, 80 restaurants, three gay beach clubs three gay boat cruises, three dance clubs, two adult entertainment venues and one spa! 

And PV is in the midst of an unprecedented array of upgrades and renovations with many new LGBTQ attractions, activities and hotels. It’s amazing to see the growth here over the last 15 years!

I know several Americans that have packed up from the US  and moved here full time now. And you see more rainbow flags flying here every year!

It’s obvious the locals here are making this a great place to live, work and play in. It’s not  just  “gay friendly” – it’s gay inclusive and celebrates gay people with 100%  acceptance.  Everyone is welcome with open arms.




Municipal Office to Attend and Assist Puerto Vallartan Foreign Tourists and Residents

In an effort to further assist the foreign tourists, the Puerto Vallarta municipality has opened the Oficina Municipal de Atención y Asistencia al Turista y Residente Extranjero (OAATRE), or Municipal Office to Attend and Assist Foreign Tourists and Residents. The office is conveniently located at Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas, in colonia Emiliano Zapata, and is staffed by specially trained, French- and English-speaking staff.
Puerto Vallarta Mayor Ramón Guerrero was present at the opening ceremony, along with US and Canadian Consular Agents Kelly Trainor and Lyne Benoit, respectively. “What matters the most,” Guerrero commented, “is that we want foreign visitors to know that, when they visit Puerto Vallarta, they will have access to a support system that includes professional staff, ready and eager to ensure that their time spent here is truly spectacular.”
The office is open 24-7. 
Reach the OAATRE by telephone, you can dial (322) 222-2224.

Are Old Peso Bills Worth Anything?

In December 1994, when Ernesto Zedillo took office, he discovered that
the guy who passed the presidency to him had taken off to Ireland with
half of our country’s money. Zedillo, who holds a doctorate in economics
from Yale, decided (in collusion with his predecessor, who holds a
doctorate in economics from Harvard) to hide this devaluation by
demonetizing our currency when he took office.

 As of 1 January 1996,
only the Banco de Mexico has accepted pre-Zedillo pesos, and at one
one-thousandth of their face value. Or, worthless! Well, pennies lets say. Almost worthless.

Zedillo referred to his devaluation as “nuevos pesos”. During his
presidency our prices were often expressed as “NP$200”. He put a
grandfather clause in his devaluation such that “NP” would change to
“peso” with the demonetization. During that period, we took our “old”
pesos to any branch of the Banco de México to exchange them for shiny
New Pesos at the rate of one thousand old ones for one new one.

The Banco de México still maintains this exchange program, albeit in
only four hundred of its branches throughout the country. If you have
hundreds of thousands of old pesos, it might be worth it to you to make
the exchange.

If you hold a bank account anywhere in Mexico, your bank is required by
federal regulations to accept the deposit of your old pesos at 1:1000
and to exchange them for you with the Banco de México.

Old pesos in crisp uncirculated condition can have a numismatic value
far in excess of their demonetized face value. For that you would need
to investigate the collectors’ market by googling a phrase along the
lines of “world banknotes”.

So if your parents have some pesos from that trip they took 50 years ago – throw them away!

Summer in Puerto Vallarta


“How hot does it get in Puerto Vallarta in the Summer?”

That is a question travel agents around the world get asked every spring!

Have you ever been to Texas is the summer?  Texas is HOTTER!
or Louisiana in the summer? Probably NOT that humid!

Rainy season, its various climatic characteristics and geographic distribution make of Puerto Vallarta its most lush and festive season.

True, summer can be a little hot and humid – and people say the rainy season is  June-September, with September the rainiest, all that said,  while the rain can spoil a day at the beach,  the tropical storms can be quite beautiful, when rain seems to march across the hills and lightning illuminates the sky.
Also, frequently, the rain comes at night and/or in short spurts.

In PV, rainy season generally means nice
sunny mornings with the clouds moving in mid afternoon, and a cooling
rain by 4 or 5pm, usually lasting no more than an hour or so. Everything
is washed clean, the dust settles, the air freshens, and then we await a
beautiful sunset. And if we get a storm after sunset, words can’t
describe how magnificent the light show is over the ocean. Free entertainment, right?!

So, what else is there to do? There’s
always the beach. If it starts to rain, there’s shopping. I’m always
amazed to discover new shops that I didn’t know existed. So many streets to explore!

The Sierra Madre Mountain range surrounds the Pacific coast and protects Bahia de Banderas,
enabling nature and diverse biodiversity to surface in an almost
rhythmic process throughout the year, summer being its biggest boom.

Vallarta’s first indication of summer is the sudden appearance
of increased precipitation, which leads to abundance, hope, joy and

“veranum tempus” meaning summer in Latin bears great meaning. Summer in Puerto Vallarta
signifies ‘life’. No need for dictionaries or scientific research of
any kind; simply look around you: thousands of trees and bushes have
blossomed to an ever-lush shade of green, butterflies roam freely,
listen to the chirping of the hundreds of birds and critters out there.

Keep in mind too –   since most people want to come in the winter to escape their snow and cold weather, summer is off season, and provides lots of deals and bargains!

Travelocity named PV a top 10 summer destination!

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

Is there a BEST BEACH in PV?

 Not really!  It’s all pretty fabulous!

The gay beach
is primarily, Playa Los Muertos (Beach of the Dead) – Col. Emilio Zapata – the city’s
largest public beach. Legend has it the beach’s name (Dead Men’s Beach)
stems from a battle between pirates and local miners after which bodies
remained strewn on the beach, but it’s a legend, since there were never
any miners in Vallarta The South Side of the beach is a popular
gathering spot for gay and lesbian tourists. The North end is frequented
mostly by locals, and national tourists. The city has recently tried to
change the name of the beach to Playa del Sol.

However, if you want explore more beaches –

Playa Camarones (Shrimp Beach) – Col. 5 de Deciembre (vicinity of Av. Paragua – Hotel Buenaventura. This is the northernmost public beach in the City of Puerto Vallarta proper. It is named after the shrimp fisherman that once landed their launches on the beach to unload their catch.

Playa Olas Altas (High Waves Beach) – Col. Emilio Zapata – the beach extends from the Cuale River South to the fishing pier. In spite of the name, the waves offshore are not particularly high, and the beach is a popular place to swim, especially for locals and national tourists. The beach is lined with outdoor restaurants.

Playa Boca de Tomates (Mouth of Tomatoes) – a beach located near the mouth of the Ameca River. The beach is not very popular among international tourists due to the rocks that come ashore especially in the summertime. Also watch out for Crocodiles. Its proximity to the Ameca River which carries muddy rainwater in the summertime causes the water to lose its clarity making it appear dirty.

Beaches South of Puerto Vallarta

  • Playa Gemelas – an undeveloped beach just North of the mouth of the
    Mismaloya river. The beach lies close to Los Arcos Marine Natural Area
    and can be used for access to the park from shore.
  • Playa Mismaloya – at the mouth of the Mismaloya River. The beach was featured in several scenes from Night of the Iguana and the main set was located on hillside to the South of the beach. The beach is developed with a number of restaurants. (if you make it to Mismaloya, you MUST check out the hidden waterfalls and springs in the Jungle!!)

Puerto Vallarta – Mexico’s Most Popular Gay Destination

is Mexico’s most popular gay destination, bar none.  For over 20 years, the LGBT community has flocked to this  seaside getaway and it is now bustling with nearly 2 dozen gay bars and nightclubs, dozens of gay resturants and the whole town is gay-friendly!

While business is somewhat seasonal, like most warm weather places, Puerto Vallarta is less crowded in the summer months. That means great savings to tourists and lots of discounted rooms. 

From live music to cultural festivals, charity events and special interest group meetings, there’s always something fun to do in Puerto Vallarta . Events in the Banderas Bay area encompass a broad range of interests and enthusiasms covering everything from Mariachi, Cultural, International Film, Fine Arts, and Gourmet Festivals to Fishing, Tennis and Golf Tournaments.

If it’s your first time in Vallarta, you’ll want to grab a copy of Gay Guide Vallarta , a guidebook  distributed free through most gay and gay-friendly businesses in Puerto Vallarta. Also downloadable online.

Once you get to know the town and the visitors  here, you’ll notice this is one of the most re-visited destinations in the world (it’s actually a statistical fact) –  thanks to great  weather, 5 star restaurants, it’s picturesque quality and good value.

Pick and choose what suites you for your  own ideal vacation blend of relaxation and exhilaration; tranquility and activity.

There are now more choices than ever of Puerto Vallarta things to do  and tourist attractions for the adventurous or unadventurous traveler in Puerto Vallarta, including a wide  variety of activities and excursions, biking, canopy and eco-tours, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving, boat cruises on Banderas Bay, horseback riding into the Sierra Madres and golf. Or simply lay on the beach and make new friends!

Visiting Gay Puerto Vallarta

Sundrenched beaches, vibrant cultural festivals and menus of exotic cocktails allure 2 million visitors a year to Puerto Vallarta from around the world.
Flanked by the lush and imposing Sierra Madre mountains, this is the brightest jewel along the scintillating Bay of Banderas on Mexico`s Pacific coast and a popular stopping point for cruise liners, who deliver regular sunseekers to enjoy a traditional Mexican experience against a backdrop of cool colonial charm.

Puerto Vallarta was not always the premier holiday resort we see today. It was initially chosen by Spanish seamen in the early 16th century as the ideal location to provide shelter from the ocean and its marauding pirates. Although it then remained out of the spotlight for centuries, it played a role in shipbuilding and was a focal point for the loading and unloading of silver and salt for local mines.

However, people did not settle here until the mid-nineteenth century, when the village was known as Las Penas. Tragedy struck in 1888 when a fire, that began in a tiny pot of grease, spread rapidly to engulf half the town. The name of the settlement was changed to Puerto Vallarta in 1918, just before tourism began to grow. But the town still remained relatively unknown until the 1960s when it gained celluloid immortality as the setting for the film `The night of the Iguana`. As the A-listers of the time began to flock to its shores, so its reputation as a fashionable holiday getaway was established. Today, the town`s old cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and terracotta roofs still bear witness to its colourful colonial history.

Holidays in Puerto Vallarta can be as relaxed or as active as you choose, with everything on offer from whale-watching, scuba-diving, river cruises and horse rides through the jungle. With no fewer than seven championship golf courses close by, this is also the ideal place to relax and tee off whilst enjoying breathtaking views across the ocean. The town itself is vivacious with a friendly community feel and boasts unrivalled shopping opportunities. Visit the Isla del Rio Cuale, a mid-town island that cuts Puerto Vallarta in two and shop at the craft market here for traditional village pottery, beadwork and jewellery; hand-blown glass also proves a popular souvenir. Puerto Vallarta is bursting with culture and music, with free outdoor concerts held at weekends in the main square. There`s even an important tradition of art here and a fine selection of galleries and Art season is celebrated every year from November to April.

As evening falls in Puerto Vallarta and the smell of roasted chicken and hot tortillas tempts you out onto the streets, you`ll discover over 250 international restaurants serving up a wide range of freshly prepared cuisine in settings ranging from beachfront shanties to elegant riverside bistros. Later on, the real party passion of Mexico is awakened in the town`s vibrant array of fun pubs, discos and live music venues, a testament to the insatiable Mexican appetite for partying through the night. Puerto Vallarta`s famous Malecon, or beachfront walkway is the centre of its dazzling nightlife, as well as the perfect place for an evening stroll with plenty of free entertainment along the way.

If you`re trying to decide on the best time to visit, the climate in this part of Mexico promises warm sunshine holidays all year round, with temperatures rising to around 90C / 32F in the summer months. The most idyllic conditions are found here in December and January, but this is also the peak of the tourist season.

Being a tropical resort surrounded by rainforest, it`s no surprise that Puerto Vallarta does experience considerable precipitation and there is a distinct rainy season running from June to october, the wettest month being September. During this time, you can expect frequent heavy rainstorms, usually in the afternoons, which on the plus side do leave the air clear and refreshed for the evening`s activities.

If it`s your first visit to Mexico and you`re looking for a classy holiday destination on the west coast that strikes a perfect balance between action and relaxation, be sure to check out the travel deals on offer for Puerto Vallarta. With accommodation ranging from budget hostels to luxury boutique resorts, you`ll find you have a world of choice at your fingertips when it comes to booking your ideal break.

Best Gay Puerto Vallarta