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Puerto Vallarta Free Trip Contest


The start of ­­­­winter in Puerto Vallarta is cause for celebration as December marks the beginning of the whale watching season, traditional pilgrimages in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, free daily guided Artwalks in historic downtown, culinary treats all around town, the International Pro Am golf tournament, the release of baby sea turtles, perfect weather with temperatures in the low 80’s and a calendar full of holiday festivities and free activities.

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board is inviting everyone to join in the celebration with the launch of a mega “12 DAYS OF WINTER” (#12DaysOfWinter) promotion and participate for a chance to win daily prizes during the first 12 days of December, including artworks, bottles of tequila and raicilla and trip getaways, with the top prize being a 12-day all-expense paid vacation for two in Puerto Vallarta.

To participate register at and tell the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board what you would do on a 12-day all-expense paid holiday for two in the destination. All registrants will have a chance to win one of 12 prizes. Drawings will take place every day from December 1st to 12th. Following are the details of the prizes that will be awarded:



gay puerto vallarta free trip

Winners of the getaway prizes to be awarded between December 5th through 12th will also receive a choice of 2 activities in Puerto Vallarta courtesy of Vallarta Adventures and Dolphin Discovery.



Puerto Vallarta Escapes Hurricane

puerto vallarta gay travel city

Puerto Vallarta is fully operational with 100% of its hotel and restaurant facilities open, as well as its International Airport (PVR), marina, cruise port and Convention Center. All domestic and international airlines as well as buses, taxis and other ground transport companies have resumed their normal service schedule.

All tourists who were transferred to shelters and hotels outside of Puerto Vallarta as a precaution measure yesterday have now been safely returned to Puerto Vallarta and enjoying a day of clear skies and sunshine.

Southwest Airlines scheduled two recovery flights from PVR to Houston (HOU) and Phoenix (PHX) to help with getting people home.

No changes to the cruise schedule have been made. Disney’s Wonder cruise ship, carrying 2,400 passengers, will arrive in Puerto Vallarta as scheduled on Monday October 26, 2015; and Norwegian’s Jewel and the Ruby Princess will make their scheduled call on Wednesday October 28, 2015 as planned.

No human loss or infrastructure damages have been reported as a result of Hurricane Patricia.

Safe Travel in Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta no travel warnings

The May 5th 2015  update to the US Department’s Travel Warning and the June 1st Travel Advisory by the Canadian Government to Mexico do not include a warning to the city of Puerto Vallarta.

There is no travel warning to Puerto Vallarta. The U.S. Department’s Travel Warning as it pertains to the State of Jalisco highlights rural highways and areas that border states to the south, almost 250 miles from Puerto Vallarta or the distance between New York and Boston; or Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Similarly, Canada’s Travel Advisory asks that visitors to the State of Jalisco “Stay in tourist areas and follow local media closely. If you do venture outside urban areas, exercise extreme caution, including on major highways. Avoid traveling at night. It is not safe to travel near the border with Michoacán.”

Read more here.

Travel Warning in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Is it safe to travel to

Puerto Vallarta?

In a word, the answer is BIG yes! It is safe to travel to Puerto

PV is part of the very diverse and large Mexican state of
Jalisco. Some sensational news outlets have incorrectly reported that the US State
Department is warning against all travel to Jalisco. NOT TRUE.

The US Department of State   said for  Puerto Vallarta –  There is no recommendation
against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto
  There is also no recommendation against travel on principal
highways in
Jalisco between Guadalajara including the
portions that cross in to the southern portions of the state of Nayarit.

Also – Mexico City (also known as the Federal District): No advisory is in effect.

Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Board has commissioned a study from the security consulting firm Thomas Dale and Associates (TDA).
The firm found that “the number of negative events involving foreigners
or non‐foreigners is fractional compared to the large ex‐pat resident
population and the millions of visitors that come to vacation each year
in Puerto Vallarta.”

you can read more at Visit Puerto Vallarta.

Unless you were under a rock the last few years, you could not help but hear how
dangerous  parts of  Mexico has become, and yes, it’s true drug wars have
escalated violence in parts of Mexico. “Collateral damage” the news calls it – which really means  that innocent people
have been robbed, hurt or killed. 


When I went to Vallarta last Spring, a friend told me , “OH MY GOD, I won’t go there any more because of all the kidnapping and robberies!” – I called some friends in PV and they assured me it was NOT happening there. And that is mostly all happening near the border. 


So I went for a week. And everything was fine. Just as it always
was.  I walked the streets Vallarta  alone day or night. I never felt
uncomfortable or scared.  Gay people are welcomed with open arms and can freely walk down the streets, hand in hand. Every year Puerto Vallarta seems to become more popular as a gay vacation spot. I actually have a friend here in Chicago, trying to sell his condo in Chicago, so he can retire early and live PV.
I’ve been living here for 11 years. And have had ZERO problems
or run-ins with bad guys or police (well, there was that ticket for
using my cellphone while driving…), ” says Paul who owns Hotel Mercurio

“Many cities in the US have much more security problems than PV…or many other Mexican cities, for that matter.


Puerto Vallarta is the most visited gay destination in Mexico.

With a great climate, beautiful ocean bay, beaches, mountains and lush
tropical jungle as the setting, Puerto Vallarta is a small city devoted
to serving the visiting traveler. While retaining much of its old style
Mexican charm, Vallarta has over the years built up the infrastructure
of a modern resort community. Internet cafes, ATM machines, great
restaurants in all price ranges, a beautiful airport, modern medical services, drinkable water
supply, and a safe, tolerant environment are now all part of the
Vallarta scene. 

See  Gay Guide Vallarta for more gay information.

Summer in Puerto Vallarta


“How hot does it get in Puerto Vallarta in the Summer?”

That is a question travel agents around the world get asked every spring!

Have you ever been to Texas is the summer?  Texas is HOTTER!
or Louisiana in the summer? Probably NOT that humid!

Rainy season, its various climatic characteristics and geographic distribution make of Puerto Vallarta its most lush and festive season.

True, summer can be a little hot and humid – and people say the rainy season is  June-September, with September the rainiest, all that said,  while the rain can spoil a day at the beach,  the tropical storms can be quite beautiful, when rain seems to march across the hills and lightning illuminates the sky.
Also, frequently, the rain comes at night and/or in short spurts.

In PV, rainy season generally means nice
sunny mornings with the clouds moving in mid afternoon, and a cooling
rain by 4 or 5pm, usually lasting no more than an hour or so. Everything
is washed clean, the dust settles, the air freshens, and then we await a
beautiful sunset. And if we get a storm after sunset, words can’t
describe how magnificent the light show is over the ocean. Free entertainment, right?!

So, what else is there to do? There’s
always the beach. If it starts to rain, there’s shopping. I’m always
amazed to discover new shops that I didn’t know existed. So many streets to explore!

The Sierra Madre Mountain range surrounds the Pacific coast and protects Bahia de Banderas,
enabling nature and diverse biodiversity to surface in an almost
rhythmic process throughout the year, summer being its biggest boom.

Vallarta’s first indication of summer is the sudden appearance
of increased precipitation, which leads to abundance, hope, joy and

“veranum tempus” meaning summer in Latin bears great meaning. Summer in Puerto Vallarta
signifies ‘life’. No need for dictionaries or scientific research of
any kind; simply look around you: thousands of trees and bushes have
blossomed to an ever-lush shade of green, butterflies roam freely,
listen to the chirping of the hundreds of birds and critters out there.

Keep in mind too –   since most people want to come in the winter to escape their snow and cold weather, summer is off season, and provides lots of deals and bargains!

Travelocity named PV a top 10 summer destination!

More Gay Travel Sites

Puerto Vallarta – Mexico’s Most Popular Gay Destination

is Mexico’s most popular gay destination, bar none.  For over 20 years, the LGBT community has flocked to this  seaside getaway and it is now bustling with nearly 2 dozen gay bars and nightclubs, dozens of gay resturants and the whole town is gay-friendly!

While business is somewhat seasonal, like most warm weather places, Puerto Vallarta is less crowded in the summer months. That means great savings to tourists and lots of discounted rooms. 

From live music to cultural festivals, charity events and special interest group meetings, there’s always something fun to do in Puerto Vallarta . Events in the Banderas Bay area encompass a broad range of interests and enthusiasms covering everything from Mariachi, Cultural, International Film, Fine Arts, and Gourmet Festivals to Fishing, Tennis and Golf Tournaments.

If it’s your first time in Vallarta, you’ll want to grab a copy of Gay Guide Vallarta , a guidebook  distributed free through most gay and gay-friendly businesses in Puerto Vallarta. Also downloadable online.

Once you get to know the town and the visitors  here, you’ll notice this is one of the most re-visited destinations in the world (it’s actually a statistical fact) –  thanks to great  weather, 5 star restaurants, it’s picturesque quality and good value.

Pick and choose what suites you for your  own ideal vacation blend of relaxation and exhilaration; tranquility and activity.

There are now more choices than ever of Puerto Vallarta things to do  and tourist attractions for the adventurous or unadventurous traveler in Puerto Vallarta, including a wide  variety of activities and excursions, biking, canopy and eco-tours, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving, boat cruises on Banderas Bay, horseback riding into the Sierra Madres and golf. Or simply lay on the beach and make new friends!