Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Restaurants for Every  Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!

Restaurants for Every Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!


Visiting Gay Puerto Vallarta

Sundrenched beaches, vibrant cultural festivals and menus of exotic cocktails allure 2 million visitors a year to Puerto Vallarta from around the world.
Flanked by the lush and imposing Sierra Madre mountains, this is the brightest jewel along the scintillating Bay of Banderas on Mexico`s Pacific coast and a popular stopping point for cruise liners, who deliver regular sunseekers to enjoy a traditional Mexican experience against a backdrop of cool colonial charm.

Puerto Vallarta was not always the premier holiday resort we see today. It was initially chosen by Spanish seamen in the early 16th century as the ideal location to provide shelter from the ocean and its marauding pirates. Although it then remained out of the spotlight for centuries, it played a role in shipbuilding and was a focal point for the loading and unloading of silver and salt for local mines.

However, people did not settle here until the mid-nineteenth century, when the village was known as Las Penas. Tragedy struck in 1888 when a fire, that began in a tiny pot of grease, spread rapidly to engulf half the town. The name of the settlement was changed to Puerto Vallarta in 1918, just before tourism began to grow. But the town still remained relatively unknown until the 1960s when it gained celluloid immortality as the setting for the film `The night of the Iguana`. As the A-listers of the time began to flock to its shores, so its reputation as a fashionable holiday getaway was established. Today, the town`s old cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and terracotta roofs still bear witness to its colourful colonial history.

Holidays in Puerto Vallarta can be as relaxed or as active as you choose, with everything on offer from whale-watching, scuba-diving, river cruises and horse rides through the jungle. With no fewer than seven championship golf courses close by, this is also the ideal place to relax and tee off whilst enjoying breathtaking views across the ocean. The town itself is vivacious with a friendly community feel and boasts unrivalled shopping opportunities. Visit the Isla del Rio Cuale, a mid-town island that cuts Puerto Vallarta in two and shop at the craft market here for traditional village pottery, beadwork and jewellery; hand-blown glass also proves a popular souvenir. Puerto Vallarta is bursting with culture and music, with free outdoor concerts held at weekends in the main square. There`s even an important tradition of art here and a fine selection of galleries and Art season is celebrated every year from November to April.

As evening falls in Puerto Vallarta and the smell of roasted chicken and hot tortillas tempts you out onto the streets, you`ll discover over 250 international restaurants serving up a wide range of freshly prepared cuisine in settings ranging from beachfront shanties to elegant riverside bistros. Later on, the real party passion of Mexico is awakened in the town`s vibrant array of fun pubs, discos and live music venues, a testament to the insatiable Mexican appetite for partying through the night. Puerto Vallarta`s famous Malecon, or beachfront walkway is the centre of its dazzling nightlife, as well as the perfect place for an evening stroll with plenty of free entertainment along the way.

If you`re trying to decide on the best time to visit, the climate in this part of Mexico promises warm sunshine holidays all year round, with temperatures rising to around 90C / 32F in the summer months. The most idyllic conditions are found here in December and January, but this is also the peak of the tourist season.

Being a tropical resort surrounded by rainforest, it`s no surprise that Puerto Vallarta does experience considerable precipitation and there is a distinct rainy season running from June to october, the wettest month being September. During this time, you can expect frequent heavy rainstorms, usually in the afternoons, which on the plus side do leave the air clear and refreshed for the evening`s activities.

If it`s your first visit to Mexico and you`re looking for a classy holiday destination on the west coast that strikes a perfect balance between action and relaxation, be sure to check out the travel deals on offer for Puerto Vallarta. With accommodation ranging from budget hostels to luxury boutique resorts, you`ll find you have a world of choice at your fingertips when it comes to booking your ideal break.

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