Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Restaurants for Every  Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!

Restaurants for Every Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!


Summer in Puerto Vallarta


“How hot does it get in Puerto Vallarta in the Summer?”

That is a question travel agents around the world get asked every spring!

Have you ever been to Texas is the summer?  Texas is HOTTER!
or Louisiana in the summer? Probably NOT that humid!

Rainy season, its various climatic characteristics and geographic distribution make of Puerto Vallarta its most lush and festive season.

True, summer can be a little hot and humid – and people say the rainy season is  June-September, with September the rainiest, all that said,  while the rain can spoil a day at the beach,  the tropical storms can be quite beautiful, when rain seems to march across the hills and lightning illuminates the sky.
Also, frequently, the rain comes at night and/or in short spurts.

In PV, rainy season generally means nice
sunny mornings with the clouds moving in mid afternoon, and a cooling
rain by 4 or 5pm, usually lasting no more than an hour or so. Everything
is washed clean, the dust settles, the air freshens, and then we await a
beautiful sunset. And if we get a storm after sunset, words can’t
describe how magnificent the light show is over the ocean. Free entertainment, right?!

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So, what else is there to do? There’s
always the beach. If it starts to rain, there’s shopping. I’m always
amazed to discover new shops that I didn’t know existed. So many streets to explore!

The Sierra Madre Mountain range surrounds the Pacific coast and protects Bahia de Banderas,
enabling nature and diverse biodiversity to surface in an almost
rhythmic process throughout the year, summer being its biggest boom.

Vallarta’s first indication of summer is the sudden appearance
of increased precipitation, which leads to abundance, hope, joy and

“veranum tempus” meaning summer in Latin bears great meaning. Summer in Puerto Vallarta
signifies ‘life’. No need for dictionaries or scientific research of
any kind; simply look around you: thousands of trees and bushes have
blossomed to an ever-lush shade of green, butterflies roam freely,
listen to the chirping of the hundreds of birds and critters out there.

Keep in mind too –   since most people want to come in the winter to escape their snow and cold weather, summer is off season, and provides lots of deals and bargains!

Travelocity named PV a top 10 summer destination!