Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Restaurants for Every  Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!

Restaurants for Every Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!


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Gay Puerto Vallarta – Always Improving

My first time in Puerto Vallarta  was 1998…I think  there were a couple gay bars but many LGBT people were slowly discovering  PV.

NOW, my gosh!  It just keeps growing and growing and getting gayer than ever!

The Romantic Zone, which is where all the action is, now has 5 gay hotels, 17 gay bars, 80 restaurants, three gay beach clubs three gay boat cruises, three dance clubs, two adult entertainment venues and one spa! 

And PV is in the midst of an unprecedented array of upgrades and renovations with many new LGBTQ attractions, activities and hotels. It’s amazing to see the growth here over the last 15 years!

I know several Americans that have packed up from the US  and moved here full time now. And you see more rainbow flags flying here every year!

It’s obvious the locals here are making this a great place to live, work and play in. It’s not  just  “gay friendly” – it’s gay inclusive and celebrates gay people with 100%  acceptance.  Everyone is welcome with open arms.




Grand Opening at Di Vino Dante November 22nd!

Friday, November 22nd
Basilio Badillo 269 A

50% off wine by the glass and tapas 5-7pm


20% off wine by the glass and tapas 7-11pm

4-11 pm, Monday thru Saturday – Closed Sundays
Phone: (322) 223.3734


Please keep in mind that were are currently
only accepting cash or
American Express.

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Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 2013


Puerto Vallarta 
Restaurant Week 2013! 
From coast to coast, from New York to London, dining events in which participating
restaurants offer a special, fixed price menu during a week or two, draw locals as well as tourists.
Known in
most places as Restaurant Week, these dining events encourage visitors
and locals to experience restaurants’ exquisite offerings at reduced

Following the trend of other influential fine dining destinations
around the world, Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group established
Restaurant Week in 2005 through a two-week festival that takes place
every year from May 15 – 31. 

Restaurant Week features many of Puerto
Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit’s most coveted restaurants. Participating
establishments offer innovative three-course menus, with three options
available for each course. Since the prices are often discounted by up
to 50%, dining out during Restaurant Week is not only more fun, but also
much more affordable. Presently, participating restaurants can choose
to offer their special, Restaurant Week menu at $189 or $299 pesos per
person, tips and beverages not included.

Restaurant Week is highly anticipated by locals and gourmet
aficionados from around the world, who plan an annual vacation in Puerto
Vallarta specifically for this delicious dining festival. In addition to other
important festivities that take place during the month of May, such as
the anniversary of Puerto Vallarta’s foundation as a city and as a
municipality, Restaurant Week has become an important event that
encourages visitors to choose the month of May as an attractive time of
year to explore Banderas Bay.

Information for Visitors and Locals

Vallarta Lifestyles publishes the menus of participating restaurants
in a special, Restaurant Week Menu Guide section of the May issue of
Vallarta Lifestyles magazine, featuring the special menus offered by all
the restaurants. The Menu Guide is also printed separately, and is made
available for distribution at participating restaurants. And for those
with a tablet or smart phone at their disposal, the Menu Guide can also
be viewed online (here’s last year’s menu guide).

Restaurant Week enthusiasts frequently take the opportunity to
schedule dining events with friends and loved ones, checking out new
eateries together, and comparing notes with one another, adding a
memorable social element to the experience of enjoying some of our
destination’s finest establishments.

New Years Eve Dinner AT Cafe des Artistes

This holiday season is magical at the Gourmet Tradition of Puerto
Vallarta. Enjoy a 5 course menu designed by Chef Thierry. Feel a warmest
atmosphere with our staff, your friends and family.




This holiday season is magical at the Gourmet Tradition of Puerto
Vallarta. Enjoy a 6 course menu designed by Chef Thierry. Feel a warmest
atmosphere with our staff,
 your friends and family.
 Café des Artistes, with 20 years of experience, offers exclusiveness,
elegance and comfort in outstanding natural surroundings, that are adorn
by the exquisite menu; carefully created under the direction of the
acclaim Chef Thierry Blouet.

This restaurant is AMAZING!

Best Restaurant Puerto Vallarta – Cafe des Artistes

In a century-old home on the hill overlooking the Malecon in the heart
of Puerto Vallarta, Cafe des Artistes not only offers fine dining at its
most elegant, but has also earned a distinguished reputation as one of
the best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.  For 20 years, Chef Thierry Blouet has set the standard for exquisite dining in PV. And he continues to raise the bar of excellence!

 Blouet’s immense energy and enthusiasm for excellence is
reflected in his cuisine, which highlights both his own intuitive
ability to prepare mouth-watering dishes and a uniquely personal gift:
an intense sense of art and beauty.

The daily menu offers an interesting combination of choices including
the innovative bistro menu, where three courses are served for one very reasonable 
price. In addition, over 350 labels (YES!  350!)  of fine wines and other aperitifs
are available in a relaxed atmosphere where the service is always
personal and professional.

First, lets look at the building and the rooms and the views! With artful décor in its outdoor and indoor settings, I have seen this restaurant grow and expand plenty over the last 10 years since I have been coming here.   The outdoor
partition makes for a very intimate and lush ambiance, with lighted
trees covering almost every inch of the ground, dangling white orchards
that occasionally drop in your lap, and violinists that treat you to a
private song. Try the flower pot salad and the prawn and seasonal pumpkin cream

The interior has several different rooms, each with its own unique feel. And you can choose to dine in the signature Cafe des Artistes restaurant with it’s many intimate rooms, the Pyote Lounge or the amazing and intimate  Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor, an intimate 40 seat venue,
includes a demonstration kitchen. There, at one seating each evening, he
serves a prix-fixe chef’s signature wine-pairing menu. For after dinner
entertainment, he has converted another dimly lit space into a private
Cognac and Cigar Room with a piano bar. You will be AMAZED at the food you

With the momentum of the vanguard and the renovation P’yote Lounge
arrives to Café des Artistes. A new concept of artistic origins and
ancestries created under the inspiration of the artistic communion of
the famous designer Cristina Cobalin and Studio 3.14.

His name comes from indigenous shamanic traditions of healing and
spiritual, with a ritual that starts from the crop and ends as a tool
for the soul and the body. Hicuri is “the window through which man comes
in contact with the universe.”

Every corner of our new P’yote Lounge is an expression of life and
art huichol, from its structure and furniture to the mystical snack
menu, centerpieces and mezcal that wrap you in a ritual of pleasure.From crafted drinks to mouth watering tapas and to share plates, it’s a perfect way to start your evening.

Within, it is worth mentioning that P´yote Lounge customers will be
able to transport to the Huichol world to appreciate the masterpiece
that houses, “Tatei Aramara”, muse for the creation of the most
beautiful waterfront of Mexico, the waterfront of Puerto Vallarta.

Thierry Blouet, chef owner of Café des Artistes, was – as they say – born to the business. His
paternal grandfather, Max Blouet, spent 30 years as General Manager of
the ultra-elegant George V in Paris. Chef Blouet was born in Puerto
Rico, in 1964, and his French parents educated him in France and Mexico
where haute cuisine is an integral ingredient of the good life.

An extremely visual chef, his dishes are sensual compositions. In
addition to colors that enliven the visual, there’s a harmony of aromas
that tempt the nostrils, subtle textures that excite the mouth feel and
concentrated flavors that enhance the taste. No one will argue with you; this is the best and most romantic restaurant in all of Puerto Vallarta.  They have too many awards to name here, but just read the reviews. Four and Five stars from everyone.

In addition to his own business, Blouet, who is also a member of the
Académie Culinaire de France, brings together chefs from France, Mexico,
Canada and the United States to share and enrich their cooking
techniques while maintaining traditionally high standards. He also
devotes himself to promoting important cultural and “foodie” fiestas in
Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

Make your reservation today for an
 evening of pure indulgence!

Located in the heart of the art gallery district.


“The Gourmet Tradition of Puerto Vallarta” becomes a reality on the
“Festival Gourmet 2012″, event which flood of celebration and allegory
to the “Grupo Café des Artistes”. As every year, Chef Thierry and his
team await the arrival of Chef invited to work together in the culinary
creations that come to the tables of the guests at the Gourmet Festival.
For 10 days, during the “Festival gourmet”, the festive spirit is mixed
with the aromas, colors and flavors, leading to each dish a unique
dining experience.

In Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay there are few long-awaited and
memorable events, the Vallartenses and visitors stand waiting. It is
part of the region’s history from conception of the festival in the
hands of Chef Thierry Blouet of Café des Artistes, Heinz Reize and Chef
Roland Menetrey and is an excellent gastronomy window, where every year
discusses important issues of current gastronomy area, such as
biodiversity, identity and sustainability in the kitchen.

So then, verbena, wining and dining make their way to events, that no one who has good taste, can miss.

It is important to note that most events require reservations and
prepayment. For sales and information make contact: 2223228, ext 120.
This “Gourmet Festival 2012″ is for all our guests, we hope to
experience the joy and ecstasy of taste in the “Gourmet Tradition of
Puerto Vallarta”: Café des Artistes!