Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Shopping Galore and Streets of Galleries!

Restaurants for Every  Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!

Restaurants for Every Taste and Budget. Tacos to Fine Dining!


Buy or RENT Your Next Car in Puerto Vallarta with Eric Flores

Hola Amigos!

My husband and I moved to Puerto Vallarta  from Chicago  earlier this year.

While  Uber and Taxi’s  are plentiful and affordable, we decided  we wanted to buy a car  for longer  days trips.

We did not want to buy a new  car, although they are more affordable in Mexico than the US.  So we started our  search for a  used car. WOW!  What an eye-opener.  Used cars have a  small inventory in Puerto Vallarta.  People do not trade in cars every few years like in the US.  And  used cars can command  a  heftier price than that same car  in the US.

So our search begins.  Our Spanish is limited (we’re working on it),  but we kind of get by. Let me tell you, it is in fact difficult dealing with someone in this situation who ONLY speaks Spanish. Over the course of 2 weeks, looked at maybe 4-5  cars, and it was a bit uncomfortable and intimidating,  to buy a car in a foreign land.  We found several  “car flippers”  here.  Not the original owner. And sometimes the documents and  title were….suspicious.

If you are looking for a reliable used car in Puerto Vallarta, I have found the  fastest, safest and most reliable option!!

One day on Facebook,  Eric  Flores  of  Easy Car PV  found me and offered his services.  For a small 7 % fee of the purchase price,  he would help me find the car that we wanted in our budget, he would  “kick the tires”, take it for a ride, shoot video, review all of the seller’s  documents and tax records,  search accident records, and if we decided to move forward there would be  a full inspection of the car,  he was to  transport the car if it was not in Puerto Vallarta,  have the car detailed and delivered it to our door! This sounded great!  So met with Eric and signed a contract to work with him for 30 days.

Within 1 week he found us a couple possibilities in Guadalajara, which is about 4 hours away. (Cars in Guadalajara tend to be in better condition  and sometimes a little cheaper). He went to Guadalajara but neither car panned out. 1 was sold and the other did not live up to expectations.

Week 2,  he  found 2 more cars, again in Guadalajara. He made the journey  and  called me and said he thought he had the car for us! It was a Renault Duster with low miles  and  well cared for. We moved forward  and  in a few days the car was detailed and Eric even went to Unirse, Secretary of Administration  on our behalf and had the registration, title and plates moved to our name  and  he delivered the car to our door!

WELL WORTH THE 7% commission!   DO NOT try to buy a car on your own here in Mexico!

Eric loves the thrill of the search and the find!  “Tell us which car you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the most suitable options for you, always considering your budget and the best quality of the vehicle you’ll be driving looking into the 120 security points and all the structure of the car. We say: ¡USED CAR, LIKE NEW! Furthermore, we make sure that the car comes with all the necessary documents and is in a perfect legal situation in México. By acquiring your car with us, you’ll have confidence in the purchasing process and when you’re driving with your family and friends on board.”




“We are starting our fleet with two beautiful brand new medium SUVs, KIA SELTOS 2023 and 2024 and because we always want to make a difference in the market and be the best option in the bay, car insurance is included in our rental fees! Forget about hidden charges and pay what is fair.
Send us your dates request (from short to mid-term length) to + 52 322 355 07 67 so we can provide you with a quote!”






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