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Gay Hotel Mercurio Abruptly Shut Down May 17th

OUT AND ABOUT PV first broke the story. Hotel Mercurio, a popular Gay Hotel in Zonal Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, has been closed and apparently its assets seized by Federal and Local Police Authorities, with guests left stranded on the street.

It all happened on Friday, May 17, 2024, around 9:30 p.m. just before one of the busiest weeks in Puerto Vallarta as gay pride begins.

Multiple trucks outside the hotel were loading all of the furniture, equipment and everything from the hotel.

A female police office outside the hotel told O&APV that a bank is repossessing the property and seizing all of the assets.

Guests at the hotel were not even allowed to pack their own bags. Authorities packed everyones bags – which left many guests shaken at the traumatic experience. Some are trying to location medications and phone chargers and still do not know where they will be spending the night.

Local Vlogger &  Journalist Paco Ojeda reported, in his show “Puerto Vallarta Coffee & Headlines • May 18, 2024“, around the 19  minute  mark, that he spoke to Hotel Mercurio Owner Paul Crist’s Husband Luis, who told him that their had been a long-standing legal suit against the hotel and a judgement had been made in the suit and that the hotel had lost. Authorities seized the property and all the contents of the building are in a warehouse in Ixtapa.

It’s just terrible news.  Owner Paul Crist and his husband do so much for the community here. They had an amazing staff and hotel guests love staying with them.  There has been talk about starting a  GO FUND ME  for  displaced employees.


GAY  PV  MAGAZINE  did a story  also.

“Paul needs a brief period to assess the situation and determine the best way to move forward. We are certain he will release a public statement outlining how anyone from the community who is interested can offer assistance to him, his employees, and the affected guests. He is concerned about his employees and guests as much as we are.

During this trying time, it is crucial that we respect his need for space, avoiding overwhelming him with calls and inquiries as why this happened. Giving him this space will enable him to focus on the recovery process and make informed decisions.”


Update  5/19  4pm. 

-Paul Christ updates community – An Open Letter from Paul


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